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Cayenne Sauce

La Cayenne sauce de Ideal foods está hecha para todas las ocasiones con ingredientes de la mas alta calidad y repletos de sabor.
De sabor ácido y picante, la cayenne sauce se puede usar en hamburguesas, hotdogs, tacos, patatas fritas, alitas y ¡casi cualquier otra cosa que estés cocinando!

cayenne sauce_.png

Avocado Oil

This can contains the oil of 20 avocados that were thoughtfully grown, handled, crafted, and bottled to create the finest oil. To produce our premium avocado oil, the flesh of the avocado is mechanically separated from the skin and stone, and the oil is extracted under 113 degrees Fahrenheit in order to maintain the all-natural goodness of the avocado.

At Simple Foods, we are committed to creating a rich, natural and delicious avocado oil to add to your recipes and rejuvenate your health.

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